In episode of 6 The Ottawa Writes Podcast, I reveal to Catherine the secret project I worked on last month: writing an entire novel in 31 days! With the secret revealed, we discuss how I did, why I did it, and what I learned. ~Kevin #OttawaWrites

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Show Notes

Kevin’s lessons learned from the experience of writing a novel in 31 days:

  1. Writing a novel in a month is very do-able project.
  2. It takes a lot of time, but you find the time if you make the commitment.
  3. People failing at NaNoWrMo probably aren’t doing the pre-planning necessary to be successful.
  4. There are no writing police. If you miss a day, you just get back at it the next day.
  5. The middle section gets difficult.
  6. Keeping the project a secret makes it a more personal experience.
  7. There is a shallowness to the writing because you have a 31 day window of experiences and influences to draw from.
  8. Writing this way significantly limits the amount of research you can do.
  9. Drinking alcohol while writing can be effective.

Catherine’s Book Signing: Kanata Chapters, June 15, noon to three.

The Novel Writer’s Blueprint: Five Steps to Creating and Completing Your First Book by Kevin T. Johns

Ottawa Small Press Book Fair Info (Kevin’s affiliate link)

John Muldoon’s Monthly Experiments Project

National Novel Writing Month

The Adventures of Clair Never-Ending by Catherine Brunelle

The Page Turners: Blood by Kevin T. Johns


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6 comments on “Secret Projects (!!) in Episode 6 of Ottawa Writes #amwriting #NaNoMo

  1. Hey Kevin & Catherine!
    John Muldoon (of Monthly Experiments) sent me over here to listen to your podcast and now I see why! John was also the instigator behind my writing habit and got me to write for 30 Days in a row (which is now at 1,041 days in a row). In other words, as you say in the podcast: it’s not THAT hard and it works! Just keep at it, keep it to bite-size, do-able chunks and even on bad days, you’ll probably end up with something possibly as good as when you think you’re on a “good day.” It’s just more proof that you just need to keep writing and you’ll get it done.

    So inspiring that you got your novel done in a month, Kevin! I think this was now several months ago now, so is it out, published, getting some traction? Now that you’re several months beyond, what do you think you learned from the 1 Month Experiment? Would you do it again? Recommend it?

    I’m also in Fizzle, I’m going to go check to see if you’re still in there (I’m not terribly active in there, but come and go).

    Thanks for doing this podcast, guys, it was inspiring!

    • Write Along Radio Aug 7, 2015

      Hi Bradley! I’ll leave it for Kevin to answer your questions on his book – BUT I just wanted to thank you for giving the show a listen, AND for letting us know! Kevin is active on Fizzle, so do find him there. Thank you also for thanking us! It’s so rewarding to receive comments like yours. If, by any chance, you listen on itunes or Stitcher, we’d love you to copy/past this comment there with a great rating. But no worries otherwise. I hope you check out more episodes and enjoy.

      Now, I’m off to enjoy out your website!


      • I left an iTunes review, but can’t tell if it went through. Let me know!

        • Write Along Radio Aug 14, 2015

          Hmm, me neither Bradley. But thank you for submitting the review!!!! I’ll have to chase it up a bit more deeply. ~Catherine

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