Check this gorgeous new release – the digital & hardcopy comic, Son of God.

August 24, 2014

So I don’t know Cedrick Lui, and I haven’t read his book – yet. BUT he just released a digital comic with C.H. Kim, and I mean to check out shortly. (he tweeted me on twitter, and I had a moment to pop over and take a look) In the meanwhile, I hopped over to his website and found this post on the launch of his book. There’s something about Cedrick’s website/blog post style that I am really enjoying. It’s creative, the pics are funny, and the product looks amazing. This is an author page infused with personality. That’s a good sign for a story.

Why not check out his new book at the same time we do? We can chat about it on twitter, facebook or here in the comments. It’s Son of God –  a collaborative work with artist C.H. Kim. Now, here’s the intro for his post on the book release. Don’t miss this guy’s website style. I dig it. ~Catherine

Hello again everyone!

I am making this blog post as a thank you to everyone who supported me on my release.  I was honestly quite scared that it was going to end up very quiet and awkward but I was reminded once again how awesome all of my friends and family are. click here to continue reading & see pictures of his launch party

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