Podcast Party Roundup: OttawaWhat, Apt613 & more

September 12, 2014

Hi there,

Today we are going to take a moment to show off some other great Ottawa Podcasts. Now, some of you subscribed to Ottawa Writes aren’t actually from Ottawa. That’s cool (send us a postcard?!). The content of these shows are in different ways widely relatable to anyone anywhere.

For instance:

I’ve just heard about the podcast OttawaWhat? This week, they have Desirae Odjick on the show, who is a marketer living in Ottawa. “Writing Skills are really, really, brutally important in marketing,” says Desirae in this show. Potential career venue for writers? Good to hear how marketers work so you can pick up tips?


Apartment613 covers local really well. But I reckon anyone can take inspiration from a collection of creative projects. I really admire Crystal Bershra who has created (and partly crowdfunded) a communial space for artists to get together. I actually spend many a’ mondays there trying to write/work/sip tea.Ā  She talks about feeling isolated as an artist – any one relate to that?!

Listen 22:15- 38:00 for Crystal’s dream & project Maybe it’ll inspire you to start your own workshop šŸ™‚

And finally, I’m going to plug once more CBC’s All in a Day book chat, which is certainly not just Ottawa focused. It’s so beautifully recorded, and they showcase many different books.

Click here to find the conversations online.

Oh wait – one more!Ā  If you missed our conversation with Tudor Robbins because you hadn’t found us back then. Here it is again. Three Myths of Publishing (and feel free to disagree or agree with the conversation if you like, leave your constructive thoughts in the comments)

Listen here!




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  1. Interesting stuff here…keeping me abreast of so many creative people and happenings in Ottawa.

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