It’s October, which means it’s time for things to get spooky! As a writer, you may not think you’d learn so much  from a haunted ghost tour, but this week we have a a fascinating conversation on building story; it’s momentum carrying, intimacy building, audience absorbing GOLD. 🙂

Haunted Walks gripping story

*Warning: The interview audio is a bit crackly. There was a ghost on the line.

In episode 19 we’ll speak with Jim Dean, artistic director of Haunted Walks Ottawa and hear his insights on creating an absorbing, believable spooky story (useful for everyone, even if you don’t write spooky) plus, after the interview we’ll (Kevin & Catherine) be trading favourite spooky stories ever written, and inviting you to share yours too.

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Show Notes

The Haunted Walks Website:

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