Dream Book Launch Ideas

In episode 26, we describe what our DREAM BOOK LAUNCH PARTIES would be like. Kevin’s involves UFOs, laser light shows, and Gillian Anderson. Catherine’s involves balloons, Margaret Atwood, and… more balloons!

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And what would YOUR dream book launch party look like? Let us know by leaving a message in the comments

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5 comments on “Describe Your Dream Book Launch

  1. My book launch party isn’t nearly as intriguing as Kevin’s.

    For the launch of my book that I shared on a previous post I would have it in November. I would have two angel trees full of children from the East Tennessee area that are in need of Christmas gifts. Kirk Cameron would be the MC for the night. A live concert with appearances by all or one of Toby Mac, Skillet, and Tenth Avenue North.

    Between concert sessions I would do a reaching from the book. At that point demand for the book would be so high that I sell out of my books, have to order more. Because I ran out of those books my first book would be in demand. I would sell all of my remaining first books too.

    Then every child on the angel trees are adopted, and people continue to give to a non-profit that will provide Christmas gifts to children who don’t have parents that are able to spoil them with material things at Christmas.

  2. Chris, that sounds like a wonderful book launch. And much less narcissistic than mine! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. My dream book launch would find me dressed up as one of my characters, definitely. I’m a cosplayer, so that is a given. 😀

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