Share Your News Here: Community Board Style

November 21, 2014

Hi everyone, this is a new idea we’re trying to help you showcase your great projects. If you have something going on, or something around writing that you’d like to promote – leave the details in the comments of this virtual “community board.” Maybe you wrote a great blog post folks should be reading. Maybe you’re been featured on another writing podcast? Maybe you’ve just launched your book and want people to check it out?

Whatever it is, leave the link and we’ll happily share in the comments. And while you are busy commenting, be sure to check out what other people in the feed are up to (which is really the entire point of this) and tell ’em Kevin & Catherine say Hi.

If this idea takes off/people like it, we can host the board on a regular basis. If not, then this may be all. That’s okay too. It’s just an experiment.

Happy news sharing!


(p.s. we do screen comments, but mostly for spam and for those who troll around the internet. If you are neither, you are good to go!)

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4 comments on “Share Your News Here: Community Board Style

  1. What a great idea!

    I am working on a second book that I plan to release next year around October. I have the tentative story linked here if anyone wants to check it out and offer feedback. I still need to secure an affordable illustrator.

    Also, at my website,, I have a sneak peek of the first book I wrote. Both are different from many children’s books.

    It would be nice if this did create some traction with others.

    Keep up the excellent work on Ottawa Writes!

    • That is a very sweet story, Chris. I love the message of considering others, particularly in supporting foundations that help kids stay warm. That’s always a big initiative around this year in Canada too. I guess the reason for that is obvious, it’s freezing cold! Thanks for playing along with the board! I hope you find an illustrator soon.

  2. And I’ll add my own news here too! My novel has a new cover and I am pretty much in love with it. I decided to tackle photoshop for this one and it was a great learning lesson. 🙂 It’s the first box on the page.

  3. Hi All,

    Don’t forget next Thursday’s meeting of the Ottawa Independent Writers. It starts at 7 pm. Below are the details.

    Veteran Ottawa Citizen investigative reporter Ian McLeod will explain how to develop relationships with people being interviewed and how to best extract the information writers and authors need when writing books and freelance articles. Guest fee: $10 As an added bonus, OIW member and director Neven Humphrey, in a brief interactive presentation, will tell members how to do research for their novels. Says Neven: ’You can’t build a story if your setting and characters don’t make sense.’

    VENUE: Good Companions Seniors’ Centre, 670 Albert St.

    Contact: tel: 613-425-3873 email:

    FB Invitation:

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