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November 12, 2014

i327We do indeed have news. Okay, we have more than one piece of news in the pipeline, but here’s today’s big item: Kevin just launched a special series called The Writing Coach that interviews top writing coaches on their strategies and how writers can work more effectively.

This has been Kevin’s labour of love for the past while, and he has poured a ton of energy and enthusiams into it – let’s help him make it a success but going to listen 🙂  Click here for the show.

Also, if you like itunes, he’d love a ‘subscribe’ to help support the show.

Congratualtions Kevin – that is AWESOME and I’m going to be listening all morning long! ~Catherine

And that is it for this installment of “We Have News!” (A new series I just made up)

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3 comments on “We have news!

  1. (Delayed) thanks, Catherine and Quillfyre! I missed this post when it first went up!

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