Ottawa Review of Books, and More!

December 2, 2014

We’re going local for this post, but  for all readers from anywhere. There’s a lovely December free tool I’m going to write about (and have already facebooked . . . if that is a verb . . . about on our page) at the end.

First Up! The Ottawa Review of Books is out. It takes time and love to put together these types of articles, so if you like books and like reviews, go and see if it is your cup of tea. There’s a mixture of local and Canada-wide writers. They also welcome reviews.

Read_Local“The December issue of the Ottawa Review of Books is now live. Check it out! It features ten great reviews of recent works of fiction by Claire Holden Rothman, Marianne Ackerman, Anna Leventhal, Michael Mirolla, Su J. Sokol, Deborah Ellis, Kurtis J. Wiebe, Connie Guzzo-McParland, Barbara Fradkin and Bertrand Laverdure. It also has a special feature by John Last on South Asian Writers in Canada.” Read Here.

HolidaysNext up! Kevin and I are quite likely hitting up the Chi Series Holiday Bash – which is a writing get together/reading/event that happens in December, March and June.  Take a look here and be careful of that scary Sanata in the banner advertisment.

Finally. I just saw this. PicMonkey is the tool that we use to make many, many of the graphics on this site. It’s easy and affordable. Anyhow, they’re having a free trial this month and I really encourage you to give it a shot if you create images for anything. This is the blogger’s ace in the pocket.  Find the trail here.

*As with trails, they take your credit card and you need to cancel by the end of the month to not kick over into being charged. For the year is it $33 dollars, but by the month it’s $5 a pop. So keep an eye out, and go for the year if you go at all for anything.

HelloYour News? If you have anything to add, you can share it below in the comments section. Great deals, great events, great ideas? Share, share, shae 🙂

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