Episode 27 of the Ottawa Writes podcast is an all banter episode! Catherine and Kevin discuss a variety of topics, including the naming of books, the buying of vans, launching podcasts, getting back into the writing groove, and seeing each other dance for the first time.

Tweet: The incredible BANTER episode! Listen along: http://ctt.ec/xeod6+ #writing #amwriting
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Show Notes

1:00 – Getting back into the writing groove; follow-through; the challenges of limited computer access

5:30 – Working with collaborators; delays in the publishing of The Page Turners: Economy of Fear; difficulties getting reviews

10:10 – Tweet: “Have they seen each other dance? Yes we’ve seen each other dance.” http://ctt.ec/030Ot+

12:30 – Neverending, Never-ending, Never Ending; “Sometimes I write words the way I feel they should be.”

16:12 – Tweet: I used to write the word “pretty” with two E’s because I thought it was prettier http://ctt.ec/Q58Bu+

16:55 – The Writing Coach; secret podcast launch formula; “Strong calls to action!”; “No one cares what you are doing unless you have already touched their lives.”

23:50 – I love chatting, Write Along Radio will notch it up even more, I want to invite people to join our awesome conversations

24:35 – Nothing seems to turn out the way your expect, Tweet: “Writing is what I’m good at, and I’m finally making money #writing.” http://ctt.ec/71R62+

26:55 – Kevin buys a van, the Ottawa Writes family just keep growing, one step forward, one step back

27:45 – There is no point in thinking about the future, “That’s The Dream: chillin with the Buffy crew.”; “When I’m not at my job is when I can do my other job.”

31:00 – Expectations vs. reality; before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment…; things are good, enjoy the moment

34:40 – Tweet: “This is an important part of who I am.” http://ctt.ec/L9e07+; “Sorry guys if you expected structure.”; catch phrase switch up!

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