In this episode, we welcome editor, and award-winner author Stacey Atkinson to the show. Stacey dives into two different important points for you getting your novel seen: writing contests, and good editing. With her debut novel, she has won awards an Honourable Mention for the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards, as well as a Benjamin Franklin Award for her oh-so-pretty cover. Her wirting is so smooth, and the novel’s East-Coast setting gorgeous. (Don’t miss Stacey’s facebook page. It’s a great reference of funny writing thoughts, useful articles and more)

Stacey also puts on her ‘editor’ hat to help brainstorm ways that self-publishing authors can afford their editor. Because guys, you need your editor, and they need to eat. So what do we writers need? We need a plan!

Kevin and I also take a shot at brainstorming affordability, and come up with a couple ideas. But what are your ideas? Let us know in the comments, and we can brainstorm together.


Show Notes

Stacey’s Author Page

Stacey’s Editing Business, Mirror Image Publishing

Stuck, the novel.

The Editors’ Association of Canada for hiring.

Editors’ Association of Canada Certification

Kevin’s writer’s coaching site & newsletter sign up so you can catch his webinar on affording an editor

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