1ST Write Along Radio episode everrrrrr!

Ladies and Gents, we have so many great episodes, interviews, debates and giveaways happening this week. Ooohlala. Get. Ex. Cited.

Listen to this epsiode hear more details –  keep your eyes on the upcoming podcast descriptions, cause that’s where the giveaways live – and don’t miss this first interview with Kobo Writing Life Director Mark Lefebvre how Kobo can open up your writing (novels, short stories, novellas, essays, etc) to a entirely new audience of readers.

Mark Leslie Lefebvre

Mark Lefebvre, Director of Kobo Writing Life, and a writer of damn spooky stories!

Honest fact: We knew very, very, very little about Kobo before this interview. Happy Fact: By the end of this convo, Kevin & I were raring to upload our books into the store! Yay!

Here are three things we learned about Kobo Writing Life, plucked from the many points discussed:

`1) Kobo doesn’t expect you to slash the price of your novel to 99c. Because Kobo Readers see it as a proper bookstore, they are more willing to pay that somewhat higher (and certainly more rewarding) price point.

2) Kobo Writing Life allows you to list your ebook for preorder, which can be huge in supporting your sales rankings.

3) Ebooks listed on Kobo are also listed in the Indigo Chapters online shop! For any of you self-pubbers, you know it’s tough to get into Chapters nationally, right? Well, just stroll in through the Kobo doorway.

If you have questions about publishing ebooks on Kobo that we didn’t ask in today’s episode of Write Along Radio, shoot ‘em into the comments and we’ll ask Mark to give you some responses!

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Show Notes

Here’s that book we talked about over and over, Write. Publish. Repeat.

For our international listeners, this is the Chapters Indigo online book store we Canadians love so much.

What the frack is a Kobo ereader? It’s this! (Uses Adobe Digital Editions for outside downloads, but the Kobo books are accessible from the reader)

Kobo Writing Life Blog is here.

Mark’s author site, with links to his books, and here is his blog

One Hand Screaming, by Mark Leslie. (May I just say, that title freaks me out! ~C)

*not including this one.


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2 comments on “Get your Ebook into Chapters Indigo with Kobo!

  1. Glad you all are back up and running. I miss the signature “And we’re back!” from Catherine and the enthusiastic hashtag prompt at the end of the show. But it’s greatness once again on the podcast-osphere (instead of blogosphere).

    I have an old Kobo reader (probably one of the 1st) that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas from The Dollar General Store several years ago. I had never heard of Kobo back then.

    When my exclusive ebook time runs out on another’s platform I am going to put my book on Kobo to see if it may have my audience.

    • Catherine & Kevin Feb 19, 2015

      Great idea, Chris. As Mike said, you never know where you’ll find them. So you miss the hash tag, eh? We cut it cause it was hardly used, but I might just throw it back in Write Along Radio style for you 🙂

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