Writing exercise: Submit your story

February 25, 2015

Writing Challenge Update

How is your writing going this month? Earlier during our launch week, we challenged YOU to write along with us and submit something to a publication. What kind of publication? It could be a literary magazine, a blog you admire, the local paper, an anthology – whatever. If there’s a publication you admire, we want you to put together a story (fiction or non-fiction) and pitch it!

Here’s my update. Right, Ottawa Magazine’s story submission deadline is fast approaching. I’ve been tinkering with a short story on and off between prepping launch week, and packing up my apartment.

Kevin has written his short story mixing two different perspectives across time and place. He’s just about ready to go with it, and debating some of the more subtle elements like “would one of these voices be better presented in italics?” I’m well impressed with him since he’s been working on his novels, editing the podcast, being with his family, going to work and all the extras of life – and throwing in this month’s writing challenge. But then, Kevin is the master of writing productivity. 🙂

The story I wrote turned into a mystery, which is a genre I haven’t written since grade four. So, chances are I’m rusty here. But, the story is inspired by my real-life day job in the library (though everyone is made up, and the situation is very much exaggerated), so if nothing else, I’m capturing a part of my life through the writing.

It’s been fun, and it’s been hard. 2000 words of mystery ‘who done it’ is a good challenge for me. 🙂

Are you submitting to anything, or have you submitted recently?

Here’s my question, did you have to push outside of your writerly comfort zone in submitting – and is it a good thing to do that when sharing work publically?

Maybe yes, maybe no? Maybe I have no idea.

Let us know your updates!

I’m outtie 5000,


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3 comments on “Writing exercise: Submit your story

  1. I wrote, Who’s Slave Are You? and it is now on Christianrep.com http://ht.ly/JA5u3
    I am very blessed. I also wrote “Rebel at Heart”. it will be published online in March at http://www.mtlmagazine.com. I am continuing with my book, True Star Quality. Thank you for the encouragement to write.

    • Catherine & Kevin Feb 25, 2015

      That is incredible Cherrilynn!! Thank you so much for sharing your good news with us. Sounds like you are on a hot-streak of productivity and submissions. I admire you, and thank you also for leaving your story here. Wonderful stuff!

  2. Thank you. My goal is excellence not perfection. There are so many good writers out there. My desire is to reach the heart of people deep enough so that they desire to change.

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