Romance writers might be masters of marketing, but we can all learn from their example. And as you listen to Laurie Cooper, creator and president of Pub-Craft, (and yes, this is a GIVEAWAY episode thanks to Pub-Craft’s generosity)  you’ll get a peek into the machine behind the marketing. Laurie herself has a fascinating story. She started out as a virtual assistant to Opal Carew, and has grown along the author as Opal reached New York Times Best selling success – Laurie had HUGE success in marketing Opal’s book, and is now a touchstone go-to marketer & assistant for many, many romance authors.

Laurie went from one or two virtual clients in a year, to organizing a couple hundred clients – putting together boxsets, getting reviews, spreading the word. In this interview, she dives into what writers can do in terms of strategy and support for marketing their books.

PLUS she’s gifted Write Along Radio with TWO 30-minute consultations giveaway gifts for any new or aspiring romance authors. So fill enter, share, and – hey, if you have any question following this podcast, leave ’em in the comments below!

Connect with Laurie & her team: Pubcraft website with Newsletter Signup, Pubcraft Twitter, Pubcraft Facebook

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