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After mountains of submissions and countless notes from agents, followed by restructures on her manuscript, Peggy Blair, (now an internationally-selling crime writer) was a bundle of nerves when her first novel The Beggar’s Opera was accepted for publication. She commenced work with her new editor, Alexander Schultz, dreading the idea of yet another rewrite. But what started with anxiety has since blossomed into a fantastic dynamic between writer and editor.

In this episode, we talk working relationships with editors, what can work really well, what doesn’t work, and why it’s magic to find the right editor. Kevin and I share our own stories, and we have an interview with award-winning Peggy Blair and editor to best sellers, Alexander Schultz. Stay tuned and don’t miss this conversation on the writer & editor relationship.

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Show notes

Peggy Blair’s blog and author site

The writer/editor relationship with Peggy & Alex

The Inspector Ramirez Series by Peggy. (Which, by the way, is an excellent example of a book website)

A slice of praise for Alexander’s work in While Canada Slept: How We Lost our Place in the World

Writing by Committee” as referenced in the conversation


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