Your Opinion: Best Selling vs Best Writing

April 24, 2015

Your Opinions Wanted

Chandler Bolt QuoteEarlier this month we had a great conversation with author Chandler Bolt, and he said something really thought-provoking during his conversation with Kevin. “The term is ‘best selling author’ not ‘best writing author'” This ties into their chat on productivity and writing as a business. BUT it made me think. Should the term be best-selling author? Has the system of gathering amazon reviews, keywords and pre-sales ranking damaged the concept of best seller – or has it given book that would otherwise be over looked (e.g. self-published books) a chance to shine amongst big publishing competition?

What’s your response? What do you value? How do you approach writing. Opinions are welcome in the comment section. Please be respectful of one another and your varied experiences as writers.

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Check out the original podcast episode & interview here.


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2 comments on “Your Opinion: Best Selling vs Best Writing

  1. I will get the conversation started here, hopefully.

    Best selling really doesn’t mean best writing. I think what gets sold the best, especially as it relates to non-fiction writing, is the writers voice and how they present the material being covered. For instance, if Jon Acuff’s books were written by someone else who didn’t have the passion and every he does, I’m sure his books wouldn’t sell like they do.

    Perhaps, what should be considered instead of best selling or best author, it is likely the best promoter. I doubt a book will ever be a best seller if it isn’t the best promoted.

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