Family_Time_ReadingEach night, Kevin tucks his girls into bed and reads to them from a book. In today’s episode we talk about connecting with others through the love of reading. Chatting with blogger Deborah Hart, we explore the power of creative connections, and the impact of those moments.

Deborah Hart is the author of Upside Down Reading, a blog that focuses “on the connection we can develop with our children through books, stories, ideas, words, and the spaces in between.”

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Show notes:

Book discussed in this episode include the C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Blog post mentioned by Deborah Hart: Meaningful Relationships – A course on parenting (with love)

Find Deborah online at Upside Down Reading

Kevin is now a parent x 3! Meet his newest little girl.

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3 comments on “Bedtime Readings – the power of a story

  1. Some of my favorite times are when my son and I climb on top of his bunk bed with three to four books and read together. The only day my wife and I don’t read to him is on Thursday. On Thursdays my mother has him so she reads to him.

    Reading to my son is one of the reason I wrote my book and am working on other books. I blogged on my website about why I decided to write a book. However, the gist of it is that a big burly man told me one of the biggest regrets was not reading to his boys when they were growing up. As he teared up I made a commitment to myself and my unborn son to read. The writing came along after.

    It’s about creating a rhythm with them.

    So, Kevin, since you’re a writer with three little girls, when can we expect YOUR debut children’s book?

    • Chris, my debut children’s novel is, in fact, in the works at this very moment.

      The text has been edited by my editor, and I’ve reviewed the first draft of the illustrations (and they look fantastic!).

      My focus for the next couple of months will be launching The Page Turners: Economy of Fear, but once things have quieted down on that front, I will be releasing the children’s book.

      So you can probably look for it to be released near the end of the summer, or early autumn.

      It’s called Rocket Princess vs. Snaggletooth the Dragon.

      • Awesome to hear, Kevin! I’ll be ordering a couple when I see the email from you that it’s coming out.

        Economy of Fear was great. I assume you received my email reply back for it.

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