Memorable and Sharable Book Packaging

May 15, 2015


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Now here is something to consider. The other day author Catherine Boivin, had an order come through directly on her website. She decided to drop off the book in person, since it was a local reader. To accompany the book, she had some left over goodies from her book launch party – a book themed music playlist, and some gorgeous postcards with images from the novel. Then, she wrapped it up in a lovely package, and hand delivered it to the reader. What a wonderful way to deliver a novel!

Check out this Shopify article for ideas on extras you could add to the experience of unboxing your writing, How to Create a Memoriable and Sharable Unboxing Experience. It’s lists ideas and resources where you can make those ideas happen. This article is a good start for some creative brainstorming.

!! Mailable idea: turn short stories into chapbooks! They’re cheap to produce, and mail very easily – not costing you or the reader a ton of cash.

Do you send goodies to your readers? How do you make the arrival of a newsletter, book or correspondence to readers a thrill? Ideas go in the comments. 😉

A note tied with ribbon… nice touch


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