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May 20, 2015

Book Club for Writers

GUYS we’ve got THREE pieces of NEWS:

First: here’s what we are reading this month. It’s an essay from the amazing C.S. Lewis, author of the Narnia Series. In this essay he dives into “The Story” and that is exactly what we’ll be mashing over in the upcoming conversation. We’re going a little more academic with this reading, but don’t let it put you off. Get through that first paragraph, and you are rolling! This is an essay that will make you think about how you tell your own stories. So, do read it. Since this is out of copyright and really old, we can provide it for you here: Letter sized PDF and A5 PDF available to download.

Getting ThereSecond piece of News: The next book for our Read Along Radio book club for writers series is the beautifully made Getting There: A Book of Mentors  by Gillian Zoe Seagal. It was this review that made us think we needed to have it on our show. And happily, the publisher has provided us with a giveaway copy for our book club. If you want to enter to win our giveaway copy, email us at with the subject heading “Getting There”

Also, there is still time for you guys to do the May Writing Challenge. Listen here and get writing.

Third piece of news! Kevin’s book Economy of Fear in in the process of being launched. To get ready for that moment, check out his first novel The Page Turners: Blood that is finally available on Kobo! What is Kobo? Don’t miss this past interview.

Over and out! Get reading 🙂

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