We’re so lucky to bring you these author insights via the Ottawa International Writers Festival. The knowledge and generosity of the writers has really blown us away, and we think you’ll love today’s conversation featuring bestselling author Jeffery Deaver. Leading the conversation, Foment Literary Magazine writers Nicky and Nina sit down to chat post-event lace in some golden audio nuggets of advice and storytelling with Jeffery himself. (Jeffery Deaver is well known for his novel the Bone Collector as well as his Lincoln Rhyme series, and has recently released the novel Solitude Creek).

Also, check out the bonus audio below featuring Jeffery Deaver’s take on writing gore, his take on writing James Bond and much more.

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Show Notes

Jeffery Deaver

Solitude Creek, Jeffery Deaver’s latest book

The Bone Collector

Foment Literary Magazine

Review of the Jeffery Deaver event on the Ottawa International Writers Festival website

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