In today’s episode, we issue you with a new summertime writing challenge. Wooohoo! Get your pens and creativity ready – and maybe some post-it notes too. 😉 Also, Kevin and I own up to last month’s challenge and our total lack of finishing it! Plus, Kevin speculates what it would be like to have a publisher, and Catherine globe trots to Hungary.

We want to hear your stories of last month’s writing challenge, DID you finish a project? Please, let us know so we can congratulate you on owning it. AND what is your spin on this months’ new challenge? Tune in and then comment! Find us online @writealongradio for twitter or facebook/writealongradio

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Guys! Want to hear from someone who knows how to get sh*t done, and done really well? Listen to last week’s interview.

Till next week! Keep on writing 🙂

Show Notes

Jeffery Deaver Episode
Tudor Robins & 3 Myths of Mainstream Publishing
Last month’s writing challenge

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2 comments on “Your JUNE Writing Challenge!

  1. I’m glad to hear Catherine finally went on her trip. Stay safe abroad.

    However, here’s something to think about regarding “there’s no winning or losing in art”.

    I have to disagree, at least somewhat, and it may be a bit of semantics.

    People lose at art when they have an idea rolling around in their mind which they never get out on paper or canvas. I believe that people also lose at art if they give up on the endeavour, or at least give up on the pursuit of the endeavour.

    I’m on for this month’s challenge too. I’ve recently read one book on outlining and I am in the middle of another one. So this challenge sounds great!

    Blessings to you both.

    • Write Along Radio Jun 27, 2015

      Interesting point, Chris. Perhaps there is no losing in the pursuit of art. 🙂

      Glad the challenge fits your reading! Let us know how it goes. I have a story in my head that I’ve toyed with writing. To outline will be a good start.

      Thanks for your reflections, and the well wishes for travel. 🙂 ~Catherine

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