June 26, 2015

From one creative speck to another, it’s Yulin Kuang

We’ve shared work by Yulin Kuang before on Write Along Radio. She’s a filmmaker – such a good filmmaker. And a exceptionally wonderful thing about her work is that it’s often raw and honest about life as an artist – the good, the bad, and the never ending necessity of rent.

(Did  you see the video, it may actually be above the text and title depending on the device through which you’re viewing this post. If you missed it – don’t! Scroll back up and watch)

We spoke about making it as an artist with Dan Berine, and he gave some solid advice you might want to check out. That episode is linked below. In general,  I think these are all moments of career transition that folks experience – that hazy gray area that will make or break art as a career. So hey guys, we’re in this together 🙂

Find more about Yulin here at her youtube page and patron.

Catch Dan Beirne’s podcast episode or just listen below:

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