Only a few days left!

July 2, 2015

Pre-order Countdown for Kevin’s new novel!

Kevin is putting out his new novel, The Page Turners: Economy of Fear and giving away an incredible bundle of goodies for those who pre-order the book. But there are only a few days left!

paperbackbookstanding_849x1126Haven’t read the first book? When you pre-order Economy of Fear, you get a free audio version of The Page Turners: Blood! Then, once Economy of Fear launches on July 5th, you can read along with the story, and access (because you pre-ordered) the preface and first chapter commentary provided by Kevin online. Also, there’s a 40 minutes interview where I sit down and grill Kevin about his teen years, his love for science fiction, the characters he has created and – yes – a few spoilers from the novel too.

And there’s even more. So whether you want to grab this bundle, grab a really good summer read for you and your teens, or support your pal in writing, Kevin, head over to his pre-order page. You can choose between the ebook version and paper back.

Preorder today because it all ends on July 5th.



P.S. once you pre-order, you email the receipt to and click the link in the confirmation email you’ll receive.

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