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Make_AudiobooksWe’re taking you into the world of audiobooks and podiobooks in this upcoming mini series including Kevin’s perspectives, an interview with founder (part 2) and an interview with Tudor Robbins who has had over 1000 downloads of her book through podiobooks (part three).

In today’s episode (part 1), we get to pick Kevin’s brain after his crazy pre-order package prep that included recording his entire first novel The Page Turners in a tiny window of time. Tune in for his top takeaways from the audiobook creation experience, including the benefits of clicking your tongue, becoming a voice actor, the marathon of reading and more!

If you want to grab the audiobook, there’s still time to order Economy of Fear and claim the pre-order bundle. Deadline is today, July 5th! Enjoy the episode, and let us know your progress if you are recording your own audio or ‘podio’ books!


Show notes

Kevin’s pre-order website for Economy of Fear

Audacity (free software for recording and editing audio)

Amazon’s Audio Creation Exchange – this not an endorsement as we don’t know much about it – but it may be a resource.

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4 comments on “6 Must-Knows for Recording an Audiobook

  1. Really cool Kevin, but am I really stupid? Where’s the link to the actual podcast? I can’t seem to find it on the page. Maybe I’m just dumb.

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