August 14, 2015

Embrace Your Weird: Felica Day Says . . .

Felicia Day may or may not be your cup of tea – but she’s mine,  so here’s a piece of advice from her on how to be successful doing what you love! Embrace the weird, and then work hard to be awesome at what you love (I threw in that second bit.) Because that fudged up potato really is the most memorable. Writers, I know that readers often go for what they recognize – i.e. what is ‘normal’ to them – but every trend starts somewhere, why not with you? Though maybe your weird is actually quite recognizable and normal to certain groups of readers . . . oh no, I’m going to confuse myself. Ok, forget it. Let’s stick with the simple message: Do what you love and what feels the most you. And besides, if you aren’t writing for yourself and the love of your project, why are you writing at all? (unless you write for a living, in which case, you do at times just need to produce that copy! I’m talking ‘big picture’ here)





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