Sentimental Stories of an Ocean in Crisis

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It’s here! Our very special episode funded through the World Wildlife Fund Canada, Hub Ottawa and the Ottawa Wave Makers is finally finished and ready for your happy ears. (Hopefully they remain happy by the end!)

This has been a fantastic collaborative project. Thanks so much to Kevin who went to receive the Wave Maker award in the rain last spring and helped with the episode, thanks to all the writers who submitted to our call for stories, thank you to those selected for your voices in sharing about an ocean we all care about, thanks to Sylvie Hill for her reading, and thank you to the many different platforms –, Apt613, Ottawa Independent Writers, Hub Ottawa and more who have helped us in spreading the word.

We hope you enjoy the show and the stories. And if you do, please help raise awareness for an ocean in crisis by clicking through to learn more, and also by sharing the episode!


Show notes

The Living Blue Planet Report from the World Wildlife Fund Canada

World Wild Life Fund Oceans

Works included:

Agnes Cadieux

Submitted piece: Baited Breath, fictional short story

Greg Guevara

Submitted piece: Poison Touch, poem

Lynn Jatania

Submitted piece: Three at the Ocean,  blog post

Allyson Knappers

Submitted piece: A Tale of Two Seas, poem

John Last

Submitted piece: Storm at Sea, creative non-fiction

Stacey Atkinson

Excerpt from Stuck

With readings by Sylvie Hill, Kevin T Johns, Greg Guevara, Agnes Cadieux and Kempton who read John Last’s piece, Storm at Sea

Music from this show was from, with works from Kai Engle and John Woodward.

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4 comments on “Listen to Home at Sea

  1. The Poison Poem reminded me of fishing on the lakes in East Tennessee whenever I see people purposely littering and as I think about the exhaust coming from the boat motor. There is a poison being dumped in so many of our water sources and it’s a shame.

    It was great to hear you two reading stories.

    • Write Along Radio Oct 20, 2015

      Ugh, I totally know what you mean Chris. The oils and gas leaking into the water…

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