Join Catherine and Kevin as they celebrate the 50th episode of Write Along Radio!

As part of this special 50th episode celebration, Write Along Radio partnered with Foment literary magazine to bring listeners discussion about and audio from legendary author Margaret Atwood’s appearance at The Ottawa International Writers Festival.

Listen now!

Margaret Atwood (1)

Show Notes

Catherine and Margaret at the Ottawa International Writers Festival:

Catherine and Margaret

Catherine’s signed copy of Atwood’s new book, The Heart Goes Last:


Want Kevin’s new guide for authors? Click the image below.

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One comment on “Episode 50: Featuring Margaret Atwood

  1. Catherine – Congratulations on getting to meet your literary hero and having her on the podcast for us to hear. You’ve raved over her since I began listening to the podcast. I’m a fanboy of Kevin’s, so when I got to work with him it was awesome for me.

    Congrats to you both making it to the 50th episode on Write Along Radio.

    You know what I miss? The writing along portion that you all started when WAR started.

    By the way, Catherine, how’s the Space Opera from Space writing going? 🙂

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