6 Amazon Services For Writers:

Amazon Associates, Createspace, Author Central, Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon Advantage, KDP Select … are you confused yet? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. We are too!! (Don’t miss the comprehensive show notes for today’s episode! See post at http://bit.ly/AmazonMaze if you are reading this through a feed.)

In this episode, Kevin and Catherine discuss the complexities of navigating Amazon’s labyrinth of sub-companies as independent authors.

Kevin describes how he learned to use Amazon Advantage, Amazon’s consignment division, in order to pre-sell his new paperback, and Catherine discovers Author Central, an Amazon feature she wasn’t aware of. (Plus, updates on the Hungarian heat wave!)

As mentioned, don’t miss the comprehensive show notes below. We’ve got links galore for you:)  Share this episode with your friends and help them figure out this Amazon stuff too!

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Show Notes

Best selling author Eric Van Der Hope came to Kevin’s rescue and walked him through the Amazon Advantage process. Check out the awesome author services Eric provides on his website.

Here’s a great article Catherine discovered outlining the steps for using Amazon Advantage to set up a pre-order for a paperback on Amazon.

Pub-craft.ca (romance author service Catherine mentioned)

Writers Beware Blog, as discussed on the show

Kobo Writing Life, the Kobo platform for authors

And now for the Amazon links!

Amazon KDP (ebooks)

Create Space in association with Amazon (print books)

Amazon Author Central (author hub)

Amazon Advantage (to set up book pre-orders) check out the resources above to learn more!

Amazon Associates (for commission on your referrals)

KDP Select (giving Amazon exclusivity for perks)

ACX in association with Amazon

In today’s episode, we learn about getting creative projects done with soon to be Canadian MEGA star, Daniel Beirne. Also, Kevin eats perogies and talks about not dating in small towns. Plus Catherine refrains from spilling the beans.

Daniel Beirne is one of the creators of Space Riders: Division Earth – a web series through CTV that won a Canadian Screen Award in 2015. He’s also won a Canadian Comedy Award for Multimedia / Best Writing in a TV or Web Series for another gem, Dad Drives. Dan has many creative projects to his name (as you’ll see int the show notes and his imbd page), and has a knack for getting things done (and done well). In today’s interview, Catherine picks his brain about being creative and productive, and why it’s important to treat each project like it’s your career – because it is! Whether you’re making moola or not from the gig.

Writer, producer, director and actor – Daniel Beirne is an up and coming Canadian talent to notice.

Show Notes

Space Riders Division Earth

Dad Drives

Said the Gramophone

The Bitter End

Dan on Twitter

Is it work? : Patricia Lockwood

and more many things