Write Along Radio is a podcast for writers, on the love, art and business of writing.

After a conversation in a coffee shop wayyyy back in 2014, (i.e. when we met in person for the first time) Kevin had the idea that we record and share our conversations around writing. So here we are. This  podcast, blog and website is made by us: Kevin & Catherine.

We love talking about writing, and so this podcast happened. It’s pretty much that simple. The behind the scenes involves many Google Hangouts as we record our show; Hours of editing; Contacting and hosting interviews; Building relationships and meeting new writers, editors, coaches, agents, and publishers; Loads of instant messages; And other nitty gritty stuff that is really too far ‘behind the scenes’ to mention – and we love every bit of it. Hopefully, you like the results too 🙂

So, it’s definitely a labour of love. We really want to bring you good ideas, good conversation and good resources. If you think you fit into any of those things, reach out and say hello over on the pitch us page.

What starteWrite_along_Logod as a twitter account turned podcast to capture Ottawa based writer (Ottawa Writes) has expanded to “everybody is welcome” platform and undergone a name change in the process! If you want to get in touch, reach out via our social networks like twitter or facebook, or check out our contact page. Also, we have our author bios, and your SO welcome to visit our personal sites. Life happens outside of Write Along Radio, too – and you are invited to explore.