Catherine Brunelle PodcastCatherine Brunelle is the web support here on Write Along Radio, as well as on the twitter feed and facebook page. She also talks way too much on this podcast with her co-host Kevin T Johns. When she’s not recording episodes or interviewing super talented folks, she’s off in her world of social media, blogging and writing. (And this very moment, she’s writing this bio. It’s me, Catherine! I’m writing my bio in 3rd person. Wohoo!)

Catherine recently published her well-received literary-lite fiction novel, Claire Never-Ending, which tells the stories of nine generations of women who all share the middle name Claire, and movesd story by story backward in time to trace the female family line. She fundraised the moola to self-publish her novel with a kickass kickstarter campaign and has recently celebrated the launch of Claire Never-Ending, therefore having yet another great excuse to talk about the story.

Along with writing fiction, Catherine is tapped into the community writing scene through her blogging efforts on her personal blog Bumpyboobs, as well as her blog on She is a writer for Vanier Now,  and Sister Leadership, and has moonlighted on the Ottawa International Writers Festival Blog, and Apartment 613, as well as many others blogs and magazines. She’s passionate about the power of community, and creating genuine relationships through online and offline networking – a passion that developed during her time in England tackling an MA in Creative Writing.

Catherine has many dreams, one of them being a dream of founding a Writer’s House in Ottawa where writers of all kinds can gather and enjoy an office/retreat-like space for their next creations. Until she wins the lottery to fund that, she’ll be content with writing at home while sitting on her bed covers, which is a print of many pink roses upon a faded blue background.

Say hi through the contact form or pop over to twitter or facebook to connect.

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