You are subscribed to the Write Along Radio newsletter (Woohoo!) and now it’s time for a bonus blooper audio track. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy our ridiculousness & embarrassments. ~ Kevin & Catherine


Latest bonus audio! Listen in below to our extended version of our Read Along book pick Getting There: a book of mentors.


Along with our previous blooper bonus below, we have for you two of our Write Along Challenge readings! Please enjoy.

A City’s Worth by Kevin T Johns

Vampire Western Mashup by Catherine Brunelle




The real Kevin

The real Kevin

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One comment on “Blooper Bonus

  1. William Valley Jun 1, 2015

    “A City’s Worth”
    Wow. A powerful (Sci Fi) storyline, in a performance tastefully read by Catherine Brunelle. Very well orated, written by Kevin T. Johns. A quote by Kevin answers the question of why Catherine’s performance was so powerful in reading Kevin’s piece of literature orally: “…That’s the magic of collaboration: sharing the best of yourself with the best of someone else, to create something separate from both of you, which is an example of art at its best.”
    Dynamic, connected, inquiringly professional, God-honoring.
    Bill Valley