In this episode, we speak with young adult romance author Jennifer Farwell (Kevin’s MA classmate and now LA writer!) about her new book, Seven Weeks to Forever. Jennifer is a former Ottawa resident, who made the move to sunny Los Angeles, California. In this interview, we chat about her move to LA and that writing scene, as well as the importance of online marketing for novels, and why it’s better to get bad reviews than no review at all! (E.g. Her novel Rockstar’s Girl has a controversial ending – so you either love it or hate it!)

jennifer farwellWhat is Jennifer’s book about? Here’s a taste of Seven Weeks to Forever: “Cassidy Jordan knows she’ll die a few weeks after her eighteenth birthday, and she can’t wait. This is her second time here, and she knows what’s waiting for her in The Life-After — the place most mistakenly call “the afterlife.” Getting back there is supposed to be easy: she just has to find nineteen-year-old Riley Davis and help him get his life on track. But doing that isn’t easy at all.”

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Kevin’s Review of Rock Star’s Girl

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Episode 10 of Ottawa Writes is all about books signings! Wooohooo!? Maybe that’s a little too excited for something many authors dred . . . but this is an episode that will help change all of that.


In this episode, we share tweeted tips from authors Peggy Blair, Tudor Robins, Scott Bury, and Ami McKay. Then Catherine describes her own experiences and lessons learned from her recent book signing.

This episode is full of great tips so if you are an author with a book signing in your future, you WON’T want to miss this episode. Plus, we had a whole lot of fun recording it – so that always translates into a listening good time, too. 🙂 Enjoy the podcast! ~Kevin & Catherine

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 First Book Signing EVER Recap post! at (Catherine’s Blog)

Catherine at her book signing:


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