Writing Exercise #3

Crowd1New writing challenge day! In this episode of Write Along Radio, we recap last month’s writing challenge (i.e. why we found it painful), and serve up a fresh new challenge for you to take on. This month’s challenge is very practical and applicable for all you writers out there, so listen in and write along.

PLUS we want to give a big shout-out to listener CHRIS who we’ve featured on Write Along Radio before, for taking last month’s challenge and doing such an amazing job. He didn’t just do the challenge, he turned it into an entire novella. For that Chris, you’re the official Champ of the Challenge – April 2015. We give you the writing crown.

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Show Notes

Catherine walks too fast.


Ready for a new writing challenge? In today’s episode, we have a good time recapping the previous writing challenge of submitting some writing to a publication. (Hey, did you submit  anything? Tell us about it in the comments below!) We also invite you to write along as we embark on our next twisted game of genre assigning. Kevin assigns Catherine a genre pick involving vampires and country westerns. Catherine fights back by assigning Kevin the challenge of chick lit meets cyber punk.

What will happen? Write along and find out! Do you want us to give you a crazy genre challenge (where we pick a genre, and you write either a story, blurb or whatever in that genre style)? Leave us a comment below and we’ll cooking something up special for you.

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Till next week – keep on writing!


Catherine & Kevin