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2015 may be over, but  Catherine and Kevin are all geared up to discuss their very favourite books from all the books they read last year. They pick the vacs from the genres of fiction, non-fiction, business, writing, and publishing.

You’ll hear them discuss authors Felicia Day, Shawn Coyne, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Neil Strauss, Vladimir Nabokov, Phillip Pullman, and many more.

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Read Kevin’s quarterly sum-ups of his reading in 2015: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4.

Kevin’s Pinterest Board listing all the books he read in 2015.

Want Kevin’s new guide for authors? Click the image below.

Yes, YOU CAN Audiobook!

Self-Pub advocate and YA author, Tudor Robins, chats audio books and why it’s important to experiment as an indie author. If you’ve ever wondered about being empowered as a writer selling books, you’ll find this episode and Tudor’s insights particularly interesting.

PLUS, Kevin doesn’t realize he isn’t editing this episode, and so he uses many terrible accents. Catherine has a school in her backyard, wishing everyone happy birthday. Kevin pours sweat while recording his audiobook. Tea is sipped!

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Show Notes

Tudor Robins.ca

Podiobooks.com Apaloosa summer

Appaloosa Summer on Amazon

Economy of Fear, Kevin’s new book! (And this awesome review!)

Write. Publish. Repeat.

Correction: Tudor worked with a sound engineer, not a producer.

Serialize your novel with audio!

If you want to turn your book into a podcast, look no further. Evo Terra’s Podiobooks.com is the perfect place to visit. In today’s episode, we chat Evo himself, an early pioneer of the serial audio book – aka the podiobook. The Podiobooks.com community not only loves new stories, but they are also supportive to you as you record, editing and submit your own podiobook.

His work continues to provide authors a platform to share their books. (It started back when printing options were limited, and helped smaller authors breakthrough and be ‘heard’). He’s continued to provide Podiobooks.com as a free platform and quite frankly is amazing for doing so.

Listen in! Plus, we celebrate the 100th podcast of our show, and Kevin shares the story of how his youngest daughter charged into the world.


Show Notes

Explore Podiobooks.com

Evo Terra & Shelia Dee’s podcast: The Opportunistic Travelers

Books by Evo Terra on podcasting are available at his personal page.

Part one of our audiobooks mini-series: 6 Must Knows for Recording an Audiobooks

Our very first podcast episode 🙂