It would be wonderful if we all had thousands of dollars to dedicate to each of our book projects.
The reality is, however, most authors balance their publishing career with a full-time job and a slew of financial obligations like car payments, mortgage/rent, and children.
But just because money may be tight doesn’t mean you can’t produce a professional quality book. What is does mean is that you are going to have to get creative.
To help you out, Catherine and Kevin have done a bit of the creative thinking for you.
In this episode, they discuss fifteen different options for low-cost and budget friendly editing.
Catherine and Kevin don’t want limited funds to be what stops you from getting your book edited and into the world, so give the episode a listen now.
 what to do when you can't afford an editor
Show Notes
Author and editor Stacey Atkinson discusses how you can afford an editor.
Authors and Editors: Love at First Sight? – Author Peggy Blair and editor Alexander Schultz discuss their working relationship.
Watch the replay video of Kevin’s webinar.


In this episode we are getting expert insights for authors who want to crowdfund via our interview with Justine Shofield – Development Director over at Pubslush. So if you are small press or self-publishing, and the costs of producing a damn good quality book are daunting, this is a must-listen episode.

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