Final Pocast Part Two

In this, the final episode of the Ottawa Writes podcast, Catherine and Kevin continue their review of some of the show’s earliest episodes, which leads to discussions regarding: crushes on cartoon characters; why people buy you and not what you’re selling; what Kevin’s dinning room table has to do with an L.A. novelist; the importance of grad school, why you can’t repeat the past (Can’t repeat the past? Of course, you can!), and much more.

Tweet: The end is near for #OttawaWrites! Listen to this round up best moments and favourite takeaways for writers.

Show Notes

Episodes discussed:

Ep. 8:

Ep. 9:

Ep. 10:

Ep. 11:

Ep. 12:

Ep 13:

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Episode 27 of the Ottawa Writes podcast is an all banter episode! Catherine and Kevin discuss a variety of topics, including the naming of books, the buying of vans, launching podcasts, getting back into the writing groove, and seeing each other dance for the first time.

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Show Notes

1:00 – Getting back into the writing groove; follow-through; the challenges of limited computer access

5:30 – Working with collaborators; delays in the publishing of The Page Turners: Economy of Fear; difficulties getting reviews

10:10 – Tweet: “Have they seen each other dance? Yes we’ve seen each other dance.”

12:30 – Neverending, Never-ending, Never Ending; “Sometimes I write words the way I feel they should be.”

16:12 – Tweet: I used to write the word “pretty” with two E’s because I thought it was prettier

16:55 – The Writing Coach; secret podcast launch formula; “Strong calls to action!”; “No one cares what you are doing unless you have already touched their lives.”

23:50 – I love chatting, Write Along Radio will notch it up even more, I want to invite people to join our awesome conversations

24:35 – Nothing seems to turn out the way your expect, Tweet: “Writing is what I’m good at, and I’m finally making money #writing.”

26:55 – Kevin buys a van, the Ottawa Writes family just keep growing, one step forward, one step back

27:45 – There is no point in thinking about the future, “That’s The Dream: chillin with the Buffy crew.”; “When I’m not at my job is when I can do my other job.”

31:00 – Expectations vs. reality; before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment…; things are good, enjoy the moment

34:40 – Tweet: “This is an important part of who I am.”; “Sorry guys if you expected structure.”; catch phrase switch up!

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