The smell of ink drifting through the air, the feel of your hand brushing against paper, the joy of discovering a letter in your mailbox (NOT your inbox)… in episode 54 of Write Along Radio we discuss the lost art of letter writing.

In the age of Twitter and Instagram, what can be recovered by revisiting the centuries old tradition of letter writing? Catherine sits down with self-confessed letter junkie, Barb of Rite While You Can, to find out! Listen now:

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Show Notes

Write Along Radio Challenge: Write a letter; try doing it in the persona of one your characters.

Check out Barb’s website: Rite While U Can

Follow Barb on Twitter: @ritewhileucan 

Want Kevin’s new guide for authors? Click the image below.

How to Write A Story?

How do you write a story? Start with the outline! In this week’s Write Along Writing Challenge episode, Catherine and Kevin discuss their new jobs, the concept of an “author brand”, what your “writing voice” is all about, as well as what they learned from this month’s writing challenge involving outlining their stories. If you’ve been wondering how to write a novel, this is a great starting point.

Plus, they issue a NEW writing challenge for listeners!

How To Write A Novel

Show Notes

The article that includes Kevin’s semi-whiny advice about writing and money: 22 Writing Experts on Overcoming Their Greatest Writing Challenges (and How the Overcame Their Demons)

The Seventh Annual Bartleby Snopes Dialogue Only Contest

In today’s episode, we issue you with a new summertime writing challenge. Wooohoo! Get your pens and creativity ready – and maybe some post-it notes too. 😉 Also, Kevin and I own up to last month’s challenge and our total lack of finishing it! Plus, Kevin speculates what it would be like to have a publisher, and Catherine globe trots to Hungary.

We want to hear your stories of last month’s writing challenge, DID you finish a project? Please, let us know so we can congratulate you on owning it. AND what is your spin on this months’ new challenge? Tune in and then comment! Find us online @writealongradio for twitter or facebook/writealongradio

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Guys! Want to hear from someone who knows how to get sh*t done, and done really well? Listen to last week’s interview.

Till next week! Keep on writing 🙂

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Tudor Robins & 3 Myths of Mainstream Publishing
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